I am an inspiring and engaging speaker who is passionate about sharing my research and expertise in finance, business, psychology, gender and financial inequality.

The Fiftyfaces Podcast

22 Dec 2020 – I joined Aoifinn Devitt to discuss confidence, gender and the imposter syndrome in her The Fiftyfaces Podcast.

Barclays Private Bank Smarter Succession

20 Dec 2020 – Barclays Private Bank Smarter Succession Podcast. This podcast was the outcome of the Barclays research project on inter generational wealth transfer that I contributed to as an external expert. We discuss the importance for families to be inclusive in financial decision making and family business.

Swedish House of Finance

4 Dec 2020 – I recorded a Podcast for the Swedish House of Finance on Women in Finance.

Open51 talk

3 Dec 2020 – Open51 Members were delighted to welcome Dr Ylva Baeckstrom to our meeting this month to discuss her research on gender diversity in financial services. She revealed many sobering stats, such as 83% of media coverage on financial services and business news includes only male commentary and references. Gender diversity is a persistent challenge for the FS sector but if we are to realise the full potential of open finance – including eradicating the gender data gap – it’s a challenge that must be solved.

Credit Suisse

3 Dec 2020 – I contributed to a webinar with Credit Suisse on ‘Gender Wealth & Investment Gap’ together with Lucy Baldwin, Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe and Richard Kersley.

Celebrating Equal Pay Day at the CBI

20 Nov 2020 – Chartered Banker Institute Invited speaker and panellist ‘Celebrating Equal Pay Day at the CBI’. Together with the Fawcett Society and chaired by Deputy Director General, Henrietta Jowitt or Chief Economist, Rain Newton Smith.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

18 Nov 2020 – I was delighted to co-chair an impact research impact seminar at King’s Business School together with my colleagues Damian Grimshaw and Sofia Bianchini. David Perfect and Heather Hunt expertly presented the extremely important work of The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

Financial Times Wealth Summit

4 Nov 2020 – I joined a panel at the Financial Times Wealth Summit on ‘Leadership and diversity- catering to the next generation, women in wealth and beyond’ together with Carolanne Minashi, Malik S. Sarwar, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and Elisa Trovato.

Barclays Private Bank & Savanta

30 Oct 2020 – Working with Barclays Private Bank and Savanta I contributed to a research project on wealth transfer. Some of the findings are discussed in the Financial Times article: The Struggle Between Success and Succession.

WLTH Conference

15 Sep 2020 – I interviewed Anna Sofat on ‘Building a Future Fit for Purpose’ for the WLTH conference.

Economic Equality Impact Group

15 Sep 2020 – We launched the Economic Equality Impact Group at King’s Business School. We now seek sponsorship for a researcher to work alongside me on some of our important research areas. If you want to become involved, please reach out. With your help we can create a better, more diverse and inclusive future for finance, business and society. We summarise our research aims in our report, available here:

Four years of Women in Finance Charter

11 Sep 2020 – Four years of the Women in Finance Charter. Live Event chaired by former Australia PM Julia Gillard featuring Dr Ylva Baeckstrom, Yasmine Chinwala, and Vivienne Artz. Jointly with Women in Banking and Finance and The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Article in the Financial Times

2 Sep 2020 – I authored an article ‘Diverse workforces key for private banks to unlock female clients’ true potential’ published in the Financial Times PWM

King’s College Entrepreneurship Institute

22 Jul 2020 – I chaired a panel discussion featuring Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman of MasterCard and Norris Koppel, Founder and CEO of Fin-tech start-up Monese for the King’s College Entrepreneurship Institute.

King’s Business School Alumni webinar

16 Jul 2020 – Chaired a King’s Business School Alumni webinar on How to Secure your financial future together with Daniel Fenesan and Norm Champ.

Interview: Diversity in financial services

6 Jul 2020 – An interview in which I discuss diversity in financial services.

The Economic Potential of Gender Equality

4, 9 and 11 June 2020 – Roundtable discussion on The Economic Potential of Gender Equality.


13 March 2020 – I delivered my second TEDx 13 March. My talk ‘Run Like the Real Woman You Are’ concerns gender in finance, gender stereotyping and the business opportunity that women represent.

International Women’s Day talk

8 March 2020 – I celebrated International Women’s Day by educating a wonderful group of people on personal investing and pensions at the King’s College Science Gallery during their Genders Season. I brought my 7 year old and her friend to the event. Breaking boundaries, creating positive change.

Kapitalet podcast interview

21 January 2020 – I was interviewed by the Swedish financial podcast Kapitalet. Here I talk about my research about financial advice and its links with psychology. The podcast is created in a mix of English and Swedish.

Women Entrepreneurship Programme Event lecture

18 January 2020 – I delivered a lecture during the Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme event. The talk focused on confidence and gender bias in business and entrepreneurship.

Parts of my talk can be found via the film clip links below. Clips are added as they are published.

Gender impacts on financial advice and investment decisions

4 December 2019 – I delivered a keynote speech about Women in Finance at the Swedish House of Finance in Stockholm. I spoke about gender in finance based on my research centred around the impacts that the gender of both individual investors and financial advisors have for how advisors make sense of the investment needs of their clients, i.e., how women and men are judged by their advisors. See a video of the speech here.

King’s Business School Alumni Breakfast

26 Nov 2019 – Presentation at the King’s Business School Alumni Breakfast: Gender Bias in Investment Advice.

Gender Bias in Investment Advice

26 November 2019 – I spoke at the King’s Business School alumni breakfast. The talk focused on the impacts that the gender combination of investors and financial advisors have investment advice and investment decision making. It aims to provide our alumni with practical insights and reflections to consider within their own organisations.

Can social sciences save the world

6 November 2019 – I was delighted to be part of a panel hosted by Jonathan Grant alongside Professor Davina Cooper, Dr Pablo De Orellana and Professor Jonathan Portes during the ‘Can social sciences save the world’ arranged by the King’s College London Policy Institute.

Investing to Secure your Financial Future

4 November 2019 – I hosted a FREE investment education evening at King’s Business School “Investing to Secure your Financial Future”. This was aimed at women and anyone else who would benefit from increasing their knowledge and confidence about investing to secure their retirements and formed part of the Festival of Social Sciences funded by ESRC. I was delighted to deliver this together with Tina Winter an experienced Financial Planner and ex colleague and friend.

Funds Forum International

24 June 2019 – I participated in a panel discussion on Funds Forum International in Copenhagen in June 2019

Official Reopen of Bush House

19 March 2019 – I was delighted to show Her Majesty the Queen our trading room and introduce her to students when she visited King’s College to officially reopen Bush House.

Entrepreneurship Institute Soyoye Technology Innovation

27 February 2019 – I spoke on behalf of King’s College and formed part of the panel at the Entrepreneurship Institute Soyoye Technology Innovation Scholarships.

International Women’s Day 2019

I created this 2-minute video for International Women’s Day 2019

Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme

TEDx at Goldsmiths in London

15 December 2018  – I delivered a TEDx at Goldsmiths in London which addressed the development of gender stereotyping in business. My talk is called ‘She is not who you think’. No recording exists of this talk.

King’s College Business Club

27 November 2018 – Together with the finance editor of the Financial Times, I participated in an expert panel for the King’s College Business club.

Conference Presentations

  • EFiC 2019 Conference in Banking and Corporate Finance, Essex University, July 2019
  • Fund Forum Copenhagen (June 2019)
  • Marstrand Finance Conference, Sweden June 2019
  • Queen Mary University Behavioural Finance Working Group conference June 2019, June 18, June 17 & June 16
  • American Economic Association ASSA meeting January 2019
  • WU Gutmann Symposium Financial Advice and Asset Management June 2017
  • Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics conference paper March 2016

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