I collaborate with banks, financial institutions and businesses on research projects designed to deliver impact and positive action. This work also includes designing and delivering bespoke training. More specifically I have recently taken teams of relationship managers, bankers, investment advisors and senior management of large UK and international banks though my training programme on gender bias in investment advice. I bring my experience from banking, entrepreneurship, psychotherapy and academic research to the training programmes that I design. 

My methodology is based on the opportunity that the rapid increase in female wealth has for business growth and how decreasing gender inequality is good for business and society. My work bears relevance to financial markets regulators and institutions who are looking to attract the growing market of female investors and guide them on how to invest their wealth.

Recent Projects


If you represent a bank, a business, charity or other organisation that is interested in developing bespoke training for your teams please get in touch. 

Feedback quotes: 

‘She is brilliant. The way she gets everyone to talk. A true skill.’ (2018)

‘Ylva is a very interesting speaker.’ (2018)

‘The session was very interesting and illuminating.’ (2019)

‘I found your session extremely enlightening.’ (2019)


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