As an experienced psychotherapist I offer confidential support to individuals and couples who are struggling with relationships. Together I help you explore how change is both possible and sustainable in the way you interact with those close to us.

Whatever the difficulty you are currently experiencing, therapy can help you gain perspective on your life in a confidential and safe environment. It allows you the opportunity to reflect on any issues you might bring and help to improve the way you feel about yourself and others, restoring understanding and equilibrium in your life. Therapy can help you think differently about your situation to resolve painful conflicts and tension, making sense of what you are experiencing and enabling you to navigate a positive and productive way forward.

I work with people regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship and you can attend with or without your partner. I also work with you regardless of your sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion or stage in life. My practice is based in central London. 

“Being human is all about relationships; feeling curiosity and concern for someone outside of oneself”

“Good relationships allow for intimacy and independence at the same time”

“It is the true understanding of difference that makes a couple inseparable”


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